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To say that 2020 has been an unpredictable year would be an understatement!  Non-profits have had to reevaluate how they operate, particularly in how they raise funds.  This cultural shift led founder

Brett Walkow to create the new, exciting, Creative Virtual Fundraisers. 

Our Founder Brett Walkow

Comedian, Host, Consultant, Licensed Auctioneer, Producer, Director, Writer…..Brett Walkow is truly a jack of all trades. From appearing on The Tonight Show to his award winning films to producing a live comedy tour for our troops overseas, his career has taken him to amazing places. But his true love has always been helping others.  Through his own unique style, Brett helps organizations raise more money than they ever thought possible by lifting the spirit of his crowds with laughter and a high energy, heartwarming experience. Now he is able to help on a whole new level with his latest venture, Creative Virtual Fundraisers. CVF houses a full production studio, live streaming services, a creative team, and a fundraising consultation business all under one roof! His fundraising clients include: Cure SMA (4 years), Abilis (4 years), Lumind Down Syndrome (8 years), Los Angeles Fashion Business Institute Fundraiser (5 years), along with schools, museums, and other organizations coast to coast. Brett has made appearances on The Golden Globes, Lollapalooza and performed with entertainers such as Seinfeld, Melissa McCarthy, and Jimmy Fallon. His credits include: HBO, NBC, FOX, CBS, 11 years in Las Vegas (Harrahs Casino & MGM), his own celebrity talk show (featuring Kevin Nealon, George Wallace, The Simpsons & Family Guy), and live venues all over the world.


He considers himself to be a very lucky man.  Ironically, Brett’s greatest inspiration actually came from tragedy.  Brett is a survivor of abuse. For a time, things were very dark and felt hopeless.  But all that changed because of hope and community. Like a flame about to go out, with what little voice he had left, Brett reached out for help through a post on social media. And what happened next was nothing short of miraculous. That post traveled across the country. Childhood friends, people he met on his travels, even total strangers reached out to help him at a time when almost all hope was lost. He gave these beautiful people a name…His Love Army. Because of their kindness, Brett found the strength to escape abuse, conquer trauma, and build the life he always dreamed of... a life of purpose and giving.  


From this breakthrough, he found the motivation to create innovative methods to help non profit organizations raise funds to help others in their own unique ways.  Brett’s background in live comedy, as well as his experience as an award-winning film maker, gave him a truly different perspective on fundraising.  Brett took what he learned from years of hosting and auctioneering for successful charity events and combined it with his artistic flair and Team Love Army was born.  


Brett’s simple belief is that if people are enjoying themselves, having a great time, filled with joy… they give so much more. And that they do!


Then 2020 hit the world hard. And a year full of live fundraisers that Brett had booked were calling him for help. What do we do? Have you ever done a virtual fundraiser? The answer was, yes. Brett’s film production company HappyTown Studios had already been producing online content for years. So when the need to produce more creative ways to bring more fundraisers to life virtually, a new creation was born - Creative Virtual Fundraisers. In its first few months, Brett & his team started helping organizations cut costs, and raise double their goals through compelling, heartwarming, and most importantly…ENTERTAINING virtual events.

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